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CIP Management System

This area of the Public Works and Engineering Document Center provides a means by which engineering and construction documents can be uploaded to the website. Any entity that needs a particular document can download the document via File Transfer Protocol (ftp).


Division Files

This directory contains all of the documents related to the six (6) divisions within the Department of Public Works and Engineering. The end user has the ability to view or download documents. The six (6) divisions are: Engineering and Construction, Planning and Development Services, Public Utilities, Resource Management, Right of Way and Fleet Maintenance and Traffic and Transportation.

Office of the Director

Documents relating to the Office of the Director can be found in this directory. This includes, but is not limited to, documents relating to the everyday operation of the Office and its three sections: Council Liaison Section, Management Support Section and the Public Information Office.

PWE Public Notices and Related Documents

Many of the documents used in the past on the City's Public Works (PWE) and General Services (GSD) projects are now moving to this site and we're adding some new ones. Division 00 and 01 have been revised for use on PWE and BSD CIP projects advertising after May 1, 2004. 70-30 Developer Participation Contract (DPC) projects may use them now. Those GSD and PWE projects that are due to advertise before this threshold date should use the current Division 00 and 01 documents, which should be available through your assigned City Project Manager.


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