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HPW Public Notices and Related Documents

Many of the documents used in the past on the City's Houston Public Works (HPW) and General Services (GSD) projects are now moving to this site and we're adding some new ones. Division 00 and 01 have been revised for use on HPW and BSD CIP projects advertising after May 1, 2004. 70-30 Developer Participation Contract (DPC) projects may use them now. Those GSD and HPW projects that are due to advertise before this threshold date should use the current Division 00 and 01 documents, which should be available through your assigned City Project Manager.

Alleys Maintained By The City
Approved Products and Product Approval Committee
Bids Construction
Construction Notes
Design Manuals
Developers Participation Contract DPC
Easement Dedication Form
Easement Reverter Procedure
Flood Plain Guidelines
HPW - 100 Form
Hydraulics and Hydrology Resources
Joint Referral Committee
Land Survey
Monitoring Well Permit Program
Multifamily Properties
Neighborhood Street Reconstruction (NSR) Program
Privately Funded Sidewalk Program
Professional Services Selection and Procurement
Project Manual Resources
ROW Encroachment Application
Sidewalk Program
Small Cell Design Standards for Houston Management District
Standards Review Committee
Storm Water Information Form
Storm Water Quality
Storm Water Quality Forms
Subdivision Marker Registration Form
Traffic Signals and Access Management
Utility Relocation Ordinance Program


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